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About Us

We are Journey Chocolate

A hand-crafted, small-batch chocolate company made with ethically sourced cacao beans in the Omaha, Nebraska area with humble beginnings.

As the Omaha metro area's first (and Nebraska's second) bean-to-bar craft chocolate producer, we aim to introduce delicious, single-origin, real chocolate to the heartland.

We sort, roast, crack, winnow, grind, age, and temper small batches of mindfully selected beans, then mold and wrap each bar carefully by hand before sending them on their journey to you.

Why Single-Origin?

We make REAL chocolate. Just two to four ingredients, no soy, artificial flavors, colors or other additives. We also use ethically-sourced directly traded Cacao from our partners at Meridian Cacao Co., allowing the farmers to earn a living wage, something the big producers simply do not do. Chocolate, like wine or other fine foods, is a highly agricultural product. We are so used to the cheap bars we pick up at the grocery store checkout or bags of fun size bars around halloween that all taste pretty much the same, with lots of sugar and plenty of artificial flavors.
Our chocolate will taste slightly different batch to batch, and we've found that chocolate made from beans sourced from certain farms in Peru taste completely different from beans sourced from a farm in Madagascar. The flavors can be complex, with a top note and a finish, and to reference wine again influenced by the terroir where the Cacao grew. We are excited for you to discover these unique flavors and characteristics yourself when you taste our chocolate.